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Mac OS X Well, this is a surprise. Several websites have a preview up of Apple's next Mac OS X release - it's called Mountain Lion, and continues the trend of bringing over functionality from iOS to Mac OS X. Lots of cool stuff in here we've all seen before on iPhones and iPads, including one very, very controversial feature: Gatekeeper. Starting with Mac OS X 10.8, Apple's desktop operating system will be restricted to Mac App Store and Apple-signed applications by default (with an opt-out switch), following in Windows 8's footsteps.
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by _txf_ on Thu 16th Feb 2012 23:22 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Comment by kaiwai"
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So anything that reduces my tech support calls is a win, as far as I'm concerned. I have little doubt that Apple is going to make it harder to turn this switch off, and to that I say GOOD. The harder it is for the computer-illiterate people that I have to provide tech support for to hurt themselves, the happier I am.

So... How do you become computer literate? Does the knowledge suddenly appear in your brain?

It's the same kind of bullshit logic that says we shouldn't allow gay marriage to happen because it will lead to people molesting small children and marrying their horses.

Um...No (I can't believe you're equating the two things). There is no evidence of that. There is evidence of lockdown (see Metro, iOS).

As it stands, I think this kind of thing will result in people actually being able to USE their computer productively without having to know how it works. For whatever reason, the very thought of this seems to offend most geeks, like we're making things too easy.

Here is a hopelessly convoluted analogy:

If you have a room with a door quite a few people are going to want to explore the other side of those doors; Some will like it, others won't, and many will be scared to even open the door. Now If you put a wall in the way, how many will go see the other side? How many will even know?

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