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Mac OS X Well, this is a surprise. Several websites have a preview up of Apple's next Mac OS X release - it's called Mountain Lion, and continues the trend of bringing over functionality from iOS to Mac OS X. Lots of cool stuff in here we've all seen before on iPhones and iPads, including one very, very controversial feature: Gatekeeper. Starting with Mac OS X 10.8, Apple's desktop operating system will be restricted to Mac App Store and Apple-signed applications by default (with an opt-out switch), following in Windows 8's footsteps.
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Oh, and for only having "1% marketshare" Linux is attracting allot more attention from software companies because of all the data showing that "pirate" less and are willing to spend a bit more then those on other OSs as the market is under served for certain software types. Sure, you won't ever see all the hundreds of thousands of crapware for Linux, for the fact that all of the smaller software packages have already been covered by F/OSS apps already in the repos.

Anything on the server side is tbh pretty good.

Desktop hasn't changed for the better since about 2005 when I was running SuSE 9.2 and using Matlab.

I am sure there are some companies making some apps ... but I don't think you guys understand the huge money made by bespoke applications.

Anyway the Linux Desktop seems to be fucking the server side up now as well ...

Cause as I said before, I have pretty much no use for Windows or OS X anymore once Bitwig and Lightworks are ported. As for games, Whats been coming out via Gameolith, Desura and the LGP are more then enough to keep me entertained showing Linux as pretty much essential market for upstart game houses. Titles like OilRush!, Amnesia and Trine show even the little guys can make some pretty nice high graphics titles and at a fraction of the cost of the "AAA" clone a game companies.

But I don't like playing those games, I like stuff like Call of Duty,Battlefield, Crysis and Star Craft II. But then again my favourite film is Predator, I am sorry I am the target demographic for most PC games.

If I want to play weird games I have my PS2 for stuff like Fatal Frame.

Unfortunately Linux Graphics stack is mess, and 3D runs faster on Windows, I don't see why I should cripple my system to run a free OS and yes I one of those guys that has Dual SLI graphics cards.

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