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Windows As you all know, Windows 8 will be the first release of Windows NT which supports the ARM architecture. Microsoft hasn't been particularly forthcoming about this new Windows variant, but that's changing today. The company has posted a long and in-depth blog post about Windows 8 on ARM.
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RE[3]: Pfui !
by zima on Fri 17th Feb 2012 23:59 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Pfui !"
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Ahh, now that you escape into more platforms than ARM - NT is multiplatform since the beginning, over 2 decades, in fact it didn't even start on x86 but on i860 (possibly before your particular open source darling even existed - the one seemingly most popular around, Linux, was even quite tied to x86 for some time, not expected by Linus to be as portable as, say, NT)

NT didn't run on more than i860, MIPS, PowerPC, Alpha, Itanium, x86, x64, and now ARM because MS saw no need to do that, not because it was hard for them.

CE is not the same OS.

There's more to the world (also of computing) than your narrow view (for example, your nearby "Sorry to disappoint you, i do not use stuff like that." about some fine OSS projects ...certainly used by many tools and efforts on which you indirectly depend on) - the company which, as you put it, "only [...] knows is to make money, the rest is a disaster lol" is also an entity which, in the end, brought you this nice inexpensive PC of yours.

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