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Window Managers After six years, development on Window Maker has picked up again. Other than mere bug fixes, the two new releases (so far) also include lots of code cleanup and, yes, new features as well. Welcome back!
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Minimize/Maximize Buttons?
by ozonehole on Sun 19th Feb 2012 01:01 UTC
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I'm genuinely interested, not trolling, but...

I tried WindowMaker long ago, and I recall that minimize/maximize buttons were totally lacking. To me that was fatal flaw, and I quickly went elsewhere (IceWM). Now I just went over to and the menu bar displayed on the home page also lacks the minimize/maximize buttons.

So I'm wondering - many people here say that WindowMaker is very configurable, so I'd like to ask if there is some way for a user to turn on this desired feature? If not, what is the trick to minimize/maximize? I'm sure there is some way to do it, though it doesn't appear to be intuitive.

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