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Hardware, Embedded Systems No matter where you look these days, there's a profound sense here in the west that the people no longer having any tangible control over what our governments do. Sure, we are allowed to vote every once in a while, but effectively, most of our countries are governed by backroom deals and corporate interests. If matters really do get out of hand, how do we fight this? Well, with technology of course!
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Speak for yourself!!!
by christianhgross on Mon 20th Feb 2012 11:50 UTC
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I live in Switzerland and we have direct democracy! So if you feel there is a problem, the answer is not technology! The answer is that the people empower themselves! Transparency while nice results in things like the cones of silence.

And maybe, just maybe... people are voting for things that you don't like. Well then you are just SOL because that is how democracy works as the majority thinks all is great. And if you don't like it, that's just too bad for you.

What disgusts me with these kinds of comments is that it puts the blame on everybody except the VOTER! The government, and its laws are a representation of the people who voted for the government. If you don't like it demonstrate, vote, and create a party.

Fight the system! While I was not part of the 68 generation, at least they had the courage to want to change the system. They were willing to demonstrate peacefully and forced change.

I ask, are you part of the Pirate party? Are you beating the streets asking for people to vote for you? Or are you yet another whiner who says that it is corporations that are in control of everything...

Go away, you insult my intelligence on your political commentary...

BTW it is hard to change the world so I direct you the wisdom Evan Almighty:

God: How do we change the world?
Evan Baxter: One single act of random kindness at a time.
God: [spoken while writing A-R-K on ground with a stick] One Act, of, Random, Kindness.

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