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Internet & Networking "The federal government has been paying lip service to the idea that it wants to encourage new businesses and startups in the US. And this is truly important to the economy, as studies have shown that almost all of the net job growth in this country is coming from internet startups. Thankfully some politicians recognize this, but the federal government seems to be going in the other direction. With the JotForm situation unfolding, where the US government shut down an entire website with no notice or explanation, people are beginning to recognize that the US is not safe for internet startups." Not an issue today per se, but if the US government keeps this up, they do run a risk of lobotomising their technology sector.
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RE[2]: Alternative
by orfanum on Mon 20th Feb 2012 12:40 UTC in reply to "RE: Alternative"
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Hmm, have you seen the rate at which German Higher Education is providing English-only courses? Do you realise what this means in terms of skimming off talent from the UK, for example, where the costs of getting a degree are about to skyrocket, not to mention internationally? And German, schmerman: if not entirely bilingual, Germany has a pretty high percentage of proficient English speakers, unlike some other parts of 'old' Europe. Germany also has a relatively booming economy and cannot fill the amount of vacancies it has, which means a further draw for the young and ambitious student/early-careerist

Compare that with France...sorry, this is not bias, it's facts.

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