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Hardware, Embedded Systems No matter where you look these days, there's a profound sense here in the west that the people no longer having any tangible control over what our governments do. Sure, we are allowed to vote every once in a while, but effectively, most of our countries are governed by backroom deals and corporate interests. If matters really do get out of hand, how do we fight this? Well, with technology of course!
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RE[3]: Speak for yourself!!!
by Alfman on Mon 20th Feb 2012 14:19 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Speak for yourself!!!"
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I hope you are correct about Switzerland, but you fail to grasp just how badly democracy itself has been corrupted in some parts of the world. Slowly, but over a very long period, the US government has been corrupted to favor of entities who have more money and power, namely corporate interests.

Does Switzerland have "Gerrymandering"? Because that's the sort of legalized vote tampering that we have to deal with in the US. Also the US is actually more of a republic than a democracy, which affords us far fewer opportunities to vote our minds.

The US has a notoriously bad reputation for bullying the international community, however the US people never get the opportunity to vote on those issues. More likely than not they are initiated by powerful corporate ties within the US government. We don't even get to vote on issues as significant as using our own money to fund corporate bailouts.

I'm not saying the people cannot win, only that they are unlikely to do so from within a corrupt system that has been so heavily optimized to serve the elite. Hopefully our next government will explicitly decree that corporations are *not people* and that government exists only to serve the people.

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