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Hardware, Embedded Systems No matter where you look these days, there's a profound sense here in the west that the people no longer having any tangible control over what our governments do. Sure, we are allowed to vote every once in a while, but effectively, most of our countries are governed by backroom deals and corporate interests. If matters really do get out of hand, how do we fight this? Well, with technology of course!
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Comment by ilovebeer
by ilovebeer on Mon 20th Feb 2012 17:34 UTC
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Voting will never change corruption because you can't vote out greed in human beings. The people in power, and those with all the money make the rules by which they play. Democracy, at least here, is an illusion to make people think they're involved in some way, or that they assert some kind of power over those who are supposed to serve them.

We're allowed only two options... 1) Replace corrupt politicians with other corrupt politicians, or 2) people who actually want honest change but can't because they'll never be allowed to do so. In either case it will continue to be business as usual.

I'm simply stating fact, nothing more. In America people care just enough to bitch & moan, but beyond that would require them to get up off the couch and actually do something about it. Maybe after the current season of Dancing With The Stars and American Idol is over -- otherwise chasing real change is too much of a distraction and it's too much to ask from people who anxiously await Burger King delivery service in their area.

Yes, Burger King delivery service was a leading story in the news... I think that says it all.

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