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Hardware, Embedded Systems No matter where you look these days, there's a profound sense here in the west that the people no longer having any tangible control over what our governments do. Sure, we are allowed to vote every once in a while, but effectively, most of our countries are governed by backroom deals and corporate interests. If matters really do get out of hand, how do we fight this? Well, with technology of course!
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RE: Speak for yourself!!!
by ParadoxUncreated on Tue 21st Feb 2012 00:16 UTC in reply to "Speak for yourself!!!"
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That qoute was absolutely horrible. First of all RANDOM kindness? It takes a mind to do anything sane, forget about randomness. And ofcourse the obscurity of Evan vs "God".

Sounds like a pseudobuddhistic statement. Where concepts like "God" and "buddha" is killed, in favor of egolessness. Ofcourse they still have "buddhanature" which equals the real God. GOD of all worlds. To some though particulary people who deal with egolessness "god" is a spirit, and must be defeated. A correct concept of God, makes a quiet and peaceful mind though. But that is dualism, and not pantheism, like many buddhists believe in. Ofcourse if you believe in pantheism, you must make extra effort to kill the unpeace from the misbelief. But standard dualistic teachings, where God, correctly equals the first cause, the transcendent, the paradoxical void, such as in Islam (The Quran, not sectarian), are peaceful.


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