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Microsoft So, Microsoft Office for the iPad is supposedly coming, dressed in a Metro user interface. Fun, since running a fresh Metro application (like the XBox Live one) on the iPad accentuates just how outdated and archaic iOS really looks and feels next to Metro. An Android version is supposedly not in the works, but that's to be expected - Apple and Microsoft have long been best buds (although this is still a total and utter surprise to some, which is kind of precious in a Bambi's-first-steps kind of way).
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Probing the market
by ddc_ on Tue 21st Feb 2012 21:14 UTC
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I may be wrong, but I see a nice rationale behind Microsoft Office for iPad, that has nothing to do with iPad's popularity.

As I get it, the iPad user share is less geeky then that of other tablet platforms, so the number of MS Office users among iPad is probably ways higher then that of other tablet brands.

At the same time, Microsoft made a bit on Metro, so they just want to probe the market for a tablet version of the MS Office: the stream of criticism will be analyzed and used for fine-tuning the Metro-based Office experience.

So, once done, Microsoft ends up with Office for iPad and a better office for Windows 8 with Metro-based interface. Clear win...

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