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General Development Opa, the new open source programming language for web applications, just released its 0.9.0 'S4' version. Opa is a single programming language for specifying client code, server code and database code. The new release introduces two major features: A new default syntax that resembles JavaScript and was asked for by the community, and an abstraction layer for the NoSQL database MongoDB. Features that were previously supported by the internal Opa database are now available with the fast-growing, scalable NoSQL database. Together, Opa and MongoDB, provide a way to develop complex web applications and have them scale out easily. Many other smaller features have been added, as the number of contributors to the code on github grows.
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RE: Different to NodeJS?
by lambdaterm on Wed 22nd Feb 2012 10:44 UTC in reply to "Different to NodeJS?"
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Indeed, there are many common points between Node+Express and Opa.
But, as the previous commenter said, Opa is strongly statically typed, which mean way easier for building complex applications.
And Opa uses an advanced mechanism named 'CPS' for continuation passing style which does automatic term rewriting to ensure the application is non-blocking. Something like Fibers for Node.js but with the big advantage it's fully automated and you don't have to write all the time Fiber(function() ... and yield calls.
That and the new mongo stuff.

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