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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Take this as a sign of things to come in the land of convergence. Yesterday, Ubuntu announced Ubuntu for Android. This new product basically allows you to run the entire Ubuntu Linux distribution on your Android smartphone connected to an external display and keyboard and mouse.
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Just need to add....
by gan17 on Wed 22nd Feb 2012 16:01 UTC
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First caught news of this on SlashGear yesterday.
Link :

Just thought I'd highlight this bit:

Canonical has also been vocal about how this release will not be open source as Ubuntu is otherwise, instead this being an application that will be coming pre-installed on devices in what they hope is the near future.

Disregarding that bit, this is more of a sign of things to come in the mobile sector, Ubuntu or otherwise.

I recall seeing a video on AnandTech (Galaxy Nexus review, iirc) where he mentioned that many of the current SoC vendors envision a day where the smartphone/handheld will be your primary computing device (a replacement for the sub-$400 computer, I suppose). A day when you connect your device to a monitor and keyboard to perform daily office or browsing tasks and whatnot, and then just unplug it and take it with you. Then at work, you'd just plug it in again.

I guess Ubuntu-for-Android, along with Motorola's Webtop and whatever Google's planning for Android 5.0, are the first steps.

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