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Google So, the EFF has an article up on how to clear your search history at Google before the changes to the company's privacy policy takes effect. Most importantly, the hitherto sealed search hisory will now be shared with other Google services to provide better products advertising. Interestingly enough, when I got to the search history page, I saw this. Was this feature opt-in or something? Also, just to be safe, where do I go to delete or even just see the information associated with my Apple ID or my Live ID?
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When I'm logged in with my Google apps account it shows:

This service is not available

Web History is not available for [domain]. Learn more about Google products you can use with [my email address].

If you are the Google Apps administrator, please read these articles to learn more about controlling user access to Google Apps services and turning services on/off for certain users.

Did you use this product with a different Google Account? Sign out of your current Google Account and then sign in to the account you want.

I don't see any way to turn it on either, not that I want to, Google search results are already a bit too smart in my opinion for technically skilled persons - interpreting what I wanted to search instead of just searching what I typed.

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