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BSD and Darwin derivatives DragonFly BSD 3.0 was released today, bringing the improved performance on MP systems (MP kernel became the default one in ths release), TrueCrypt-compatible disk encryption, enhanced POSIX compatibility and other improvements. The next big thing for the project will be the major revision of the HAMMER file system (HAMMER2). The DragonFly founder Matthew Dillon said it to be the main focus of his effort for the whole yaer, though the full implementation is expected only in 2013.
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Really cool!
I really hope someone ports the BSD-licensend truecrypt code over to Linux/other BSDs. The Truecrypt license is not OSI-compliant and therefor Truecrypt is nearly always an extra install. I would love to see it end up in my favorite distro (and before you ask, I don't have the time to port it)

I'm not trying to start a flame or anything, however, have you considered just using DragonflyBSD & running all of your Linux apps in BSD's Linux compatibility layer? It might be a bit easier and faster than waiting for someone to port TrueCrypt.....IJS

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