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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Take this as a sign of things to come in the land of convergence. Yesterday, Ubuntu announced Ubuntu for Android. This new product basically allows you to run the entire Ubuntu Linux distribution on your Android smartphone connected to an external display and keyboard and mouse.
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"It would be funny if this were to become a major inroad for Linux "on the desktop".

And now just watch Microsoft start demanding more royalties or start suing phone vendors again for their "intellectual property" in Linux.

Microsoft doesn't have any "intellectual property" in Linux. They simply just demand royalties anyway.

Example here:

“And what they basically told us was, it doesn’t matter if you have defenses, whether you don’t infringe, whether our patents are invalid, you’re going to need to take a license, because there’s no way that you can get out of our grasp, that we have so many patents that we could overwhelm you.”


"In particular, the ALJ’s decision simply does not address the central basis for Barnes & Noble’s patent misuse defense—namely, that Microsoft’s Android licensing program has improperly leveraged patents covering at most trivial and outmoded design choices and implementation details in order to require OEMs to take licenses (and pay substantial licensing fees to Microsoft) for every Android device they sell, regardless of whether those devices infringe any of Microsoft’s patents."

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