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ReactOS Now this is what I like to see. Smaller, alternative operating systems have been dying by the dozens these past 6 years or so, so in order for the remainder to survive, they need to work together. ReactOS and Haiku have been doing that for a while now, and the latest fruits of this collaboration is a much-improved USB stack for ReactOS.
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Three cheers for ReactOS
by tanishaj on Thu 23rd Feb 2012 06:47 UTC
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Although it is certainly taking a long time to bake ReactOS, there is an impressive amount of development going on. You can track the progress online:

As you can see, the USB stack is still be heavily worked on.

@Janderwald - Thank you for your work on ReactOS. Some day it will be very important.

ReactOS has changed what version of Windows they are targeting several times. If I am not mistaken, they currently target Windows 2003.

It is true that it will be years before Microsoft needs to worry about competition from ReactOS. That said, it may not be that much longer until it is useful for a number of people. USB and wireless networking were probably the biggest hurdles for use on real hardware and they are both basically there now.

Windows is a moving target but the core architecture does not change as much as people think. Windows 7 is not really all that different at heart than Windows NT4. The user interface is a red herring for now. What matters is the API that the OS exposes to applications.

Implementing the guts of an OS as complex as Windows is a huge task. Once they get most of it done, people may be surprised at how rapidly they can start to add the bells and whistles.

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