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Multimedia, AV On my mark... Get set... Start not caring! Adobe has announced it plans to discontinue the stand-alone Flash Player for Linux, instead focussing all its effort on the version available through the Pepper API - which, besides Chrome, no one else is going to support.
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RE[3]: Pepper for Firefox
by Erunno on Thu 23rd Feb 2012 08:16 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Pepper for Firefox"
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Plugins are going to be with us for at least the next 5 years minimum so it is time one just got used to that fact and moved on.

That's why Mozilla is still supporting NPAPI. None of the other browser vendors (including Apple) have signaled any interest in supporting Pepper currently. Mozilla might rethink their position if market pressure demands it (i.e. they are the last non-supporting browser). Right now I don't see the necessity. Flash is still supported via NPAPI on important platforms like Windows and OS X which makes up the majority of their users.

And what other NPAPI plug-ins of note are currently required regularly apart from Flash and occasionally Java for the odd banking site?

As for the implementation - why do they have to whole sale 'copy and paste' code form webkit? why didn't they participate in the develop and implement themselves instead of relying on someone else's work?

*ring ring* 2011 called and would like to talk to you about Dart. Apparently Google isn't as interested in cooperative standards development anymore as they used to. Pepper, like Dart, was also devised and developed at Google in secret and was presented to the public after they had a mostly working system. And unlike a prototype which is used as a basis to start standardization discussion (including the option to make radical changes or discard the offer altogether) Google is already using Pepper in production systems so the opportunities for others to participate are rather narrow.

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