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Multimedia, AV On my mark... Get set... Start not caring! Adobe has announced it plans to discontinue the stand-alone Flash Player for Linux, instead focussing all its effort on the version available through the Pepper API - which, besides Chrome, no one else is going to support.
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... making my system extremely slow and being unable to display fullscreen videos at an acceptable framerate. This was true with my 2005 setup ; it is still true today with my much upgraded PC.

Years of waiting for a 64 bits version. It eventually arrived but it took a hell of a time and sometimes seems to be even slower (?).
Years of waiting for proper hardware acceleration -- which temporarily arrived through VDPAU and vanished a few months later giving me false hope ;)

Should I be relieved, or will it get even worse ? At least, we were compatible but slow as hell.

Oh gees, overall, to flash devs : thanks for ruining my computing experience in the last 7 years and probably in the years to come :-) Really, I cannot think of anything even remotely as terrible as this... (as far as computers are concerned :-)

I know what you will say : Flash is not essential. Sadly it is. My wife has to be able to do everything she wants with my Linux box and tons of web developers still love Flash. Now, I have to make a choice : keep an outdated and crappy plugin in the 5 next years or switch to Chrome, which I do not want even if it's a fine piece of software.

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