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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Take this as a sign of things to come in the land of convergence. Yesterday, Ubuntu announced Ubuntu for Android. This new product basically allows you to run the entire Ubuntu Linux distribution on your Android smartphone connected to an external display and keyboard and mouse.
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Comment by UZ64
by UltraZelda64 on Thu 23rd Feb 2012 09:17 UTC
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"This kind of versatility does require a hefty phone - a dualcore 1GHz processor, a shared kernel driver with associated X driver, Open GL, ES/EGLStorage, 2GB for Ubuntu's disk image, HDMI video out with a secondary frame buffer device, USB host mode, and 512 MB RAM are all required."

God damn, all that in a pocket? Dual-core 1GHz processor, graphics acceleration, HDMI output, 512MB RAM? That's insane. It does sound pretty cool though... it has potential.

Every time I re-read this article I can't help but think, "Ubuntu? Come on, it uses Unity, it sucks now." But then I remember that you're talking about running it on portable touchscreen devices--just the kind of computers Unity was designed and works best for--automatically it all falls into place. *This*, IMO, is where Ubuntu with Unity really has the ability to shine. It was great on the desktop with GNOME, but IMO it sucks for that purpose now, with both Unity and GNOME 3.

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