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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Jobs called Android a 'stolen product', but theft can be a tricky concept when talking about innovation. The iPhone didn't emerge fully formed from Jobs's head. Rather, it represented the culmination of incremental innovation over decades - much of which occurred outside of Cupertino." Nothing particularly new in there for regular OSNews readers, but still handy to have it in one place.
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by WorknMan on Thu 23rd Feb 2012 23:52 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by WorknMan"
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Not really, although that's the usual fanboy history of things. Apple not having MMS, multitasking, copy & paste, proper notification, a half-decent camera, etc etc etc, and you guys will pretend it's either 1) unneccesary 2) comes with negative impact on Apple's holistic design philosophy, battery life, ease of use etc etc or 3) something they'll come along with once they do it properly since they always do it properly and superior right at the beginning.

Yeah, Apple doesn't throw every imaginable bell & whistle into their products, and that's why I have an Android phone ;) But they said, 'Hey, if you want to build a capacitive touch smartpohone, here's how to do it', and their competitors obviously listened.

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