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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Jobs called Android a 'stolen product', but theft can be a tricky concept when talking about innovation. The iPhone didn't emerge fully formed from Jobs's head. Rather, it represented the culmination of incremental innovation over decades - much of which occurred outside of Cupertino." Nothing particularly new in there for regular OSNews readers, but still handy to have it in one place.
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I'mma just come out and say it
by earksiinni on Fri 24th Feb 2012 01:54 UTC
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I really don't understand why people don't understand the argument that Apple is innovative. Yes, they took most of their paradigms and design cues from others; yes, their design process is more iterative and evolutionary than they want consumers to think. But there is really no comparison whatsoever between the predecessor products and what Apple puts out. I don't even mean in terms of quality, and I *definitely* don't mean in terms of features, but Apple's products are almost always far more polished than those of their competitors.

It's precisely for that reason that I don't buy Apple, leaving aside their crummy corporate tactics and walled garden approach. I don't like that much polish in my software. I actually like like Sony's products in their entirety: the crappy software only emphasizes the brilliance of their hardware (some products, anyhow, and I don't buy Sony anymore either because they're an even worse company than Apple!)

That polish is called innovation, my friends.

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