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General Development "In this blog post (and the one that will follow) we'd like to introduce a few of the broad reaching experience improvements that we've delivered in Visual Studio 11. We've worked hard on them over the last two years and believe that they will significantly improve the experience that you will have with Visual Studio."
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RE: Look what we've done
by Hiev on Fri 24th Feb 2012 19:09 UTC in reply to "Look what we've done"
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Ah, no, You are confusing VS with the .NET Framework, Silverlight and WPF have new features in the recent release, besides, VS it self is build with WPF, so it is silly to think they are killing it, Winforms for the other hand is very active and with the native orientation of Windows 8 it will gain new steam.

And in what in concern to Delphi? really VCL? please. The main problem with the VCL it is that is not compatible between releases, for example, I can use in VS2010 an assembly generated in VS2003 with no problems, Delphi by the other hand, it breaks VCL compatibility with every release, So If I have bpl (the Delphi package equivalent to a .NET assembly) made with Delphi 7, it will not work even on Delphi 8 or 9 or 2010 or the newest.

The blog is short and it doesn't cover all the changes.

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