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Multimedia, AV An interesting anecdote at MinimalMac about television being broken. The author's young daughter, who is growing up in a Netflix/Hulu/iTunes/etc. household, was confronted with actual TV for the first time, and wonders why she can't pick what to watch, why the shows are being interrupted all the time, and so on. Clearly - TV is broken.
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I'm a pirate
by rafaelmet on Sat 25th Feb 2012 10:22 UTC
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I can see the same thing in Poland. TV is crap, and people are slowly moving to the internet. Piracy ratio is quite big because of lack of any alternatives. I can buy some movies via iTunes, but they are to expensive.
I've got a basic cable service, but I only use it for watching stuff like National Geographic, Planete+ and some sport. I've tried to watch some tv series or movies, but is was a shit. Commercials, commercials, and more commercials. Show can be canceled in the mod of the season. Thank you for that, I'll rather download it.
But I'm not a thief. We've got a nice service - with "not so commercial" movies. About 60% of their library is free with some ads you have to watch. Another 40% is for 3$ per month, and they're profitable! I have no time for watching all that stuff, but I can still pay them, because 3$ it's a bargain for good European or Asian cinema. I can use it as an app for smartTV, on my Mac, though still waiting for the app for iOS and Android.
Why I can't have access to a similar service with american movies and tv shows? I can pay for it about 20$ a month. They don't want my money, so I "steal" it.
I work at a digital satellite platform, and my company offers 1 year contract, with more than 90 channels, and HBO for free for 6 month for only 17$ and some people still don't want it! They have no time for TV. PVR is only a hack. They want to watch the show when they can watch it.

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