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Multimedia, AV An interesting anecdote at MinimalMac about television being broken. The author's young daughter, who is growing up in a Netflix/Hulu/iTunes/etc. household, was confronted with actual TV for the first time, and wonders why she can't pick what to watch, why the shows are being interrupted all the time, and so on. Clearly - TV is broken.
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Streaming quality depends on available bandwidth, if you don't have enough bandwidth available you will get a low quality version.

This is one of the reasons why i don't like streaming services, i have a bandwidth cap during the day (unlimited late at night), and during peak times my available bandwidth goes down quite considerably due to network congestion.

I would much rather schedule a download at night, and then watch it the following day when i finish work (ie peak time when i wouldnt have enough bandwidth to stream)...

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