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Windows Metro is beautiful and elegant. It works wonders on my HTC HD7, and I'm pretty darn sure it's going to work just many wonders on tablets later this year. However, Microsoft also expects us to use Windows 8's Metro on our desktops with mice and keyboards - and in that scenario, I can't really see it work any wonders. The Verge user Sputnik8 decided to see what Metro would look like applied to a more regular desktop. The results are... Stunning.
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Someone please undo the minimalism
by dorin.lazar on Sun 26th Feb 2012 15:22 UTC
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It really sickens me to see this minimalism. So now we're talking about shapeless UIs with text only that move slower, look and feel worse than my KDE 1 desktop on my 200MHz machine?
I really hoped I could see some beautiful UI work here. I don't. They drop every ounce of originality and beauty ever since the smartphones came into main stream, and the UI is plain, boring and unimaginative. Here's how my UI looked in 2005: . If you ask me, it's a lot better than whatever people consider mindblowing in that "FillRect(Window, BoringWhite);" UI they show.
Sorry, guys, I'm off the minimalism wagon.

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