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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Don't expect RIM to open source its entire operating system, or its radio stack. But the original smartphone company is gambling its future success on open source, and it has an expert on board to help. Mary Branscombe asked Senior Technical Director for Open Software, Eduardo Pelegri Llopart, where open source fits in at RIM."
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by vivainio on Sun 26th Feb 2012 21:47 UTC
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The most interesting stuff is the Qt snippet:

"The Cascades 3D graphics framework uses Qt Core, and QML (the Qt Modelling Language) to give PlayBook 2 and BlackBerry 10 apps a new signature look."

I don't actually know if this information has been officially stated anywhere before. Using QML, RIM could create an absolutely competitive user experience, on par with iOS and WP7 (on framerate and fluidity), and easily exceeding Android UX.

And this is something that will get much better on Qt5, when the graphics model becomes more directly GPU accelerateable (ok, that's not a real word).

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