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General Development "In this blog post (and the one that will follow) we'd like to introduce a few of the broad reaching experience improvements that we've delivered in Visual Studio 11. We've worked hard on them over the last two years and believe that they will significantly improve the experience that you will have with Visual Studio."
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RE[2]: For C++
by Sandlord on Sun 26th Feb 2012 22:35 UTC in reply to "RE: For C++"
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Does it have metrics? Unit testing? Performance analizers? Integration with UML? Team Suite? Multible DB integration?

Qt is a good IDE, bu is not comparable yet with VS.



you should use the tool that is most effective. If it is VS then use that if it is QtCreator than use that...

In my personal usage I can only say:

VS2010 without VisualAssist was unusable in an unmanaged C++ project with >400000 lines of code. With VisualAssist it is quite fine. VS2010 still has the best debugger I know, although no utf-32 support which made it difficult to debug our string class...
The downside is the slow GUI and the 1-2 Crashes a day and 2-3 Minutes to restart. Not to mention the occasional hang for 30 seconds.

QtCreator instead is a lean IDE which supports just the things I need. Fast and Quick. If it crashes, which happens perhaps once a day, it is up and running again in 30 seconds. The GUI debugger I find is not so usable.

So I find myself working with both tools ... ;)

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