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Multimedia, AV An interesting anecdote at MinimalMac about television being broken. The author's young daughter, who is growing up in a Netflix/Hulu/iTunes/etc. household, was confronted with actual TV for the first time, and wonders why she can't pick what to watch, why the shows are being interrupted all the time, and so on. Clearly - TV is broken.
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RE[2]: DVD Quality
by lucas_maximus on Mon 27th Feb 2012 11:48 UTC in reply to "RE: DVD Quality"
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I appreciate it doesn't improve the actual quality. However it improved the perceivable quality.

i.e. if the DVD was merely stretched to fit, it would look terrible, However the upscaler makes it look almost as good as Hi-Def. I can barely see the difference between DVD of Predator and Predator Blu-ray ... I was quite surprised.

While it isn't better quality in a mathematical sense this fact is simply academic.

My existing DVD media looks more than good enough on my Hi-Definition TV ... so I get the best of both worlds.

1) I don't have to replace my existing DVDs (since they look more than good enough).
2) I can enjoy Hi-def content.

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