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Mozilla & Gecko clones And even more news from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Mozilla has announced a partnership with Telefonica and Qualcomm, which will bring Mozilla's Boot to Gecko HTML5-based mobile interface to devices later his year. This is a huge boon for the fully open source environment.
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Oh yes,
by deathshadow on Mon 27th Feb 2012 19:11 UTC
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Because the fat, bloated, slow gecko rendering engine that can't even manage worthwhile hardware video acceleration and if you DARE to use any of the CSS3 blending effects results in scrolling more painful than windows 3.1 on a 386 is going to be SO desirable on a mobile device.


Maybe instead of wasting time branching into platforms their codebase is completely unsuited to, they could spend some time fixing the various implementation bugs that are over a decade old? You know, like gaps in CSS2 that are teenagers? (like say... bugzilla 915?)

I'm getting a real laugh out of this nonsense of using browser engines and javascript as slower more bloated versions of ROM Basic from 30 years ago... because what low voltage low clock speed devices need is more layers of abstraction giving that 1ghz ARM the performance of 386/40 if you just got off your ass and used a *SHOCK* compiler.

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