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Mozilla & Gecko clones And even more news from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Mozilla has announced a partnership with Telefonica and Qualcomm, which will bring Mozilla's Boot to Gecko HTML5-based mobile interface to devices later his year. This is a huge boon for the fully open source environment.
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RE: Oh yes,
by Lennie on Mon 27th Feb 2012 20:22 UTC in reply to "Oh yes,"
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It doesn't really matter much if the project itself fails or not.

One of the goals is to specify more "HTML5" APIs.

This will help improve existing and develop new APIs before they are submitted to W3C.

Having the same API on, euh... Windows Metro ? as some mobile app is better than one seperate API per device/platform/vendor.

Edit: Which also helps moving away from Flash and Silverlight which aren't even available on all platforms. Things like webcam support, including p2p webcam support.

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