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OSNews, Generic OSes The just released version 12.02 of the Genode OS Framework takes the first steps to carry out the plan to turn the framework into a general-purpose OS for the daily use by its developers until the end of the year. It features a new ACPI driver, the first bits of a device-driver manager, support for using the fork syscall in GNU programs, and a PDF rendering engine. The most significant point of this release, however, is the way it was conducted. It represents the first version carried out using a completely open development process.
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by zizban on Tue 28th Feb 2012 16:13 UTC
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If more developers "dog fooded" by using their own os only, it make life a lot better because things speople actually need to get productive would get worked on. I once heard a developer of a small OS say "I use Linux and only boot into <my os> to do develeopment on it". Seriously, if your own OS isn't good enough for you, why should anyone else care?

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