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Hardware, Embedded Systems "Dell launched a new line of servers for enterprise customers, boosting its corporate business unit and shifting its focus further away from consumers, who are increasingly choosing such devices as Apple's iPad. Chief Executive Michael Dell said his namesake company is no longer a personal computer company and has transformed itself into a business that sells services and products to corporations, a lucrative market that he said is worth $3 trillion." PC has become a dirty word. All part of the war on general purpose computing.
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by CapEnt on Wed 29th Feb 2012 00:31 UTC
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The future is soft-capped general purpose computers...

As much as i hate do admit, PC as we know is on a dead end. It can't really compete with a machine with no cables, no mechanical articulations to wear out, a brain-dead OS, a dock if in need of a physical keyboard and a larger screen and a 'longer than any laptop' battery for mobility.

And more: a tablet i can imagine it being truly personal, with every single member of a family with his own even from their earliest age, carrying it around like a paper notebook. I can't see this even with ultra-portable laptops. The market for such device is a order of magnitude larger than anything that current PCs ever had even of their apex.

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