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FreeBSD Rink Springer would like to see his Xbox port migrated into FreeBSD-current. He is looking to import his FreeBSD/Xbox within the FreeBSD/i386 port, bringing support into FreeBSD-CURRENT. He is proposing a prioritized plan in order to accomplish this goal and is looking for your comments and feedback.
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RE[3]: Re: yes, it's useful
by molnarcs on Tue 25th Oct 2005 08:35 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Re: yes, it's useful"
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Maybe for you FreeBSD is an OS to toy around with, but for some of us it runs mission critical applications for corporate environments.

Oh please, drop the "I'm teh serious user" routine. Using "mission critical" in "corporate environment" to sound more convincing is like Ballmer using "innovation" all the time.

With this in mind you would not like the idea that extra code for (for my purposes) useless xbox might instabilize the entire thing.

This is just plain silly. Do you use pc98 boxes in your mission critical corporate environment? ;) If not, why don't you demand removing support for it, since it is useless for your purposes... What about alpha or sparc? I can't believe that I'm arguing with you on this btw... When did FreeBSD's support for one arch or another slow down a release process? (hint - the kld support on ultrasparcs is on the todo list since I've been using FreeBSD) Or by the same logic, why not strip out bktr support? It means more lines, more bug possibilities, and it is obviously not useful in your corporate environment ;)

Those resources could IMO be better spent.
Please, tell the guy to stop working on something he wants and likes to do - and work on things you deem useful.

My point is: the issue is blown out of proportions. Like others said - it won't affect the stability of your system (and bugs on xbox won't slow down releases, just like missing kld support with ultrasparcs didnt'). How many of the showstopper defects could be (taken the 6.x release cycle) traced back to supporting various archs? (I'm not talking about x86-64, which is obviously a very important platform). None. If anything, adding support for different archs (although the xbox is not that different) may expose bugs that would be difficult to find otherwise.


[Now I'll go back to toying while leaving you to your mission critical work in your corporate environment ;) )))]

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