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Hardware, Embedded Systems This morning, I experienced the nerd equivalent of a Black Friday $50 iPad sale. At 07:00 CET, the first batch of the much-anticipated Raspberry Pi went on sale, and while Raspberry Pi itself was very properly prepared, the two large international retailers actually selling the device weren't - despite warnings from Raspberry Pi about the enormous amount of traffic that would come their way, the two sites crumbled to dust within seconds. There's good news too - the cheaper model A has seen its RAM doubled at no additional cost.
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RE: Well, guess I won't order one
by Morty on Wed 29th Feb 2012 16:08 UTC in reply to "Well, guess I won't order one"
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With some snipping, there was lots of gems here:

- What did they do, go out and find the worst two fly-by-night distributors they could find?

- Looks like they did ZERO research and didn't even try going through said companies order processes before giving the green light on using them.

- No offense guys, but my scammy sense is tingling when it comes to both of those "distributors".

- I call it ineptitude at choosing one's business partners,

- Here's hoping they get a REAL distributor or *SHOCK* even better a REAL RETAILER involved... instead of what seems to me like the "first swinging **** through the door" approach...

Talking about not having a clue, you really show the world your lack in epic magnitude with this comment. You surely do not have a clue what RS and Farnell are.

RS Components is the world's leading high service distributor of electronics and maintenance products. Through operations in 32 countries and 17 warehouses, the Group serves 1.6 million customers worldwide, shipping more than 46,000 parcels on the same day the orders are received.

Farnell is one of the worlds leading distributors of electronic, electrical, industrial and maintenance, repair & operations (MRO) products.
Employing over 1200 people in more than 20 countries
Working with over 800 world class suppliers
Offering over 480,000 stocked products. With ordering 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

As for picking distributors, it's hard to do any better. Perhaps if you are a computer accessory vendor and get a world-wide deal with Dell and Apple, you may top it distributor wise.

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