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Opera Software Embedded Linux tools vendor Trolltech has announced a strategic partnership with web browser software vendor Opera through which the two companies will develop Linux products for the mobile communications and home entertainment markets. Elsewhere, Opera gets BitTorrent support.
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RE: Well duh!
by aseigo on Wed 6th Jul 2005 19:38 UTC in reply to "Well duh!"
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> if there could be a KDE-GNOME war on mobiles

imagine if instead of a "war" there was mutual aiding and abetting? Linux is not the leading OS on handheld devices right now, just like it isn't the leading OS on the desktop. we'd be much better off if each technology worked hard on servicing the segments of the industry they are best at servicing and tried to openly compete with the non-Free status quos.

while competition at the technology level is great, fighting each other in the market is stupid and IMHO ethically askew at this point in the game.

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