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Windows I'm swamped with real-world work at the moment, so you'll have to settle for this quickie: the consumer preview for Windows 8 has been released. Go get it and report in what you find!
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Comment by orestes
by orestes on Wed 29th Feb 2012 17:12 UTC
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Runs well in Virtualbox from what I'm seeing. Feels a lot like an upside down, less refined Gnome 3, and I suspect it's going to be hilarious watching people who "hated" Gnome 3 defend some of the choices MS has made.

For my own part, it's probably great for tablets... shame I could care less about them. In desktop usage it's still far too disjointed, and MS seems to be infected with the same strain of utter retardation that Gnome has with regards to wanting apps to be full screen for no good reason. Pity really, because the raw performance vs 7 is truly something to be proud of.

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