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Hardware, Embedded Systems Current computers use SATA disk drives. Pentium IV's and earlier computers used the IDE drive standards. How can you intermix SATA and IDE disk drives? This article discusses the options. It is the next in my series of articles on computer refurbishing.
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Further issues
by ingraham on Thu 1st Mar 2012 04:35 UTC
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First, thanks for the article. I found it very thorough and well written. Why anyone is complaining about a solid overview is beyond me.

Anyway, I have been working on this same problem recently and hit a snag that was not addressed. I have a new machine with SATA only. Occasionally I want to plug in old PATA drives, possibly even booting off of them. I have a removable rack in the front of the machine to make this easy.

I tried an IDE controller from Ultra and an IDE to SATA adapter similar to the Syba mentioned in the article. Both of them would lock up the system at boot time if there was no drive installed in the rack. It wasn't even an annoyingly long time out; they would NEVER allow the system to continue to boot. Anybody have any ideas?


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