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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Jobs called Android a 'stolen product', but theft can be a tricky concept when talking about innovation. The iPhone didn't emerge fully formed from Jobs's head. Rather, it represented the culmination of incremental innovation over decades - much of which occurred outside of Cupertino." Nothing particularly new in there for regular OSNews readers, but still handy to have it in one place.
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RE[2]: From many to one
by zima on Thu 1st Mar 2012 19:02 UTC in reply to "RE: From many to one"
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Not only "before" still dominates - it also includes├╝.jpg , one of fairly loud premieres quite some time before the iPhone
(so it could be "before and after LG Prada" as well; also, it's a bit stupid 1) to include handsets spanning around a decade in the "before" category 2) miss the possibility that, perhaps, large touchscreens were hardly feasible for most of that time & Apple essentially waited for the tech enabling them, with the convenience of not having to support the baggage of ~legacy solutions ...while (still) purposefully ignoring vast majority of mobile users)

Anyway, in the words of Woo-Young Kwak, head of LG Mobile Handset R&D Center:

We consider that Apple copied the Prada phone after the design was unveiled when it was presented in the iF Design Award and won the prize in September 2006.

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