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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Jobs called Android a 'stolen product', but theft can be a tricky concept when talking about innovation. The iPhone didn't emerge fully formed from Jobs's head. Rather, it represented the culmination of incremental innovation over decades - much of which occurred outside of Cupertino." Nothing particularly new in there for regular OSNews readers, but still handy to have it in one place.
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RE[5]: Comment by WorknMan
by zima on Thu 1st Mar 2012 23:20 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Comment by WorknMan"
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You don't seem to realise how this works, you have it backwards.
You make an extraordinary claim, you have to provide "hard facts" - but all the metric you give is some personal anecdote.
While the dynamics you imply would need to be seen in a larger picture.

And, BTW, what I would call "productivity of nations" (that's decently large) isn't exactly coming with adoption of Apple products (yeah, it might seem so at first sight, but this correlation appears because Apple targets virtually only affluent places, openly states as its goal to ignore "lesser" and not profligate enough people).
But it's clearly not a rule - for example, Israel (a place which I would definitely consider among most productive / innovative, great per capita) has very low OSX adoption for some reason (I'm sure some would say it's due to their stereotypical frugality & thoughtfulness with spending ;p ): (a level also typical throughout the world).
South Korea would be another such example that I'm aware of.

And Symbian is still at the top BTW ( ), it actually regained some of the lead and keeps it steady, but I guess you wouldn't know this spewing anecdotes instead of actual metrics.

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