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Hardware, Embedded Systems "Dell launched a new line of servers for enterprise customers, boosting its corporate business unit and shifting its focus further away from consumers, who are increasingly choosing such devices as Apple's iPad. Chief Executive Michael Dell said his namesake company is no longer a personal computer company and has transformed itself into a business that sells services and products to corporations, a lucrative market that he said is worth $3 trillion." PC has become a dirty word. All part of the war on general purpose computing.
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RE[10]: Future
by darknexus on Fri 2nd Mar 2012 03:24 UTC in reply to "RE[9]: Future"
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I don't much care where Windows 8 is going, but aside from some UI additions and an app store (which is damn near useless on the OS X side), I don't see OS X reducing me to only working in one app at a time nor forcing a touch-based paradigm upon me, at least not yet. Again I ask, until apps can be developed on a tablet directly, how likely is it that we'll see the general purpose OS go away? They might change the UI (and we're seeing some of that already) but they cannot kill it off unless they wish to kill their ecosystem along with it. The PC is not dead until it becomes irrelevant, and so long as these tablets remain consumption devices rather than productive work environments, we're simply not going to see this happen no matter what the UI changes. Tablets are like game consoles. They run some cool apps but do you ever see the consoles themselves being the development environment for the games you play on them?
P.s. I'm using PC generically, not to refer to Windows PCs specifically.

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