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Microsoft The outage on Microsoft's Windows Azure cloud computing platform that caused the government's G-Cloud service to go offline was the result of a calculation error caused by the extra day in February due to the leap year. Writing on the Azure blog the firm's corporate vice president for service and cloud, Bill Laing, said while the firm had still to fully determine the cause of the issue, the extra date in the month appeared the most likely cause.
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Depends on how you define Y2K.

If Y2K was about how a single flaw in a single system somewhere would kill all civilization. Then no, this is not that.

If Y2K was about how some developers fail to think a few years into the future with localized bad results, then yes. This is that.

It went way beyond "some developers" although most of the blame can be laid at the feet of the decision-makers.
Bob Bemer started petitioning everyone from programmers to politicians starting in the early 60s about the problems with 2-digit dates - they didn't listen and he wasted several decades trying to convince them.

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