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OSNews, Generic OSes MINIX 3.2.0 stable is released. Major features include: Asynchronous, multithreaded virtual file system (VFS) server, Better reliability, Better virtualization support, and much more.
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Minix was not always free(as in speech).
Minix was initially just a research operating system. It's just since recent times that Andrew let known his ambitions for minix.

Too often I see Torvalds' minions spreading FUD about minix, general misconceptions etc...

Would u suggest that minix use inferior SCM tool just to avoid this perceiced irony? Avoid every and anything related to linux or its creator?
That would be cazy :/.
There is no irony in Andrew's team using git. Andrew has never publicly disagreed with anything git or related to git.

Was Andrew right or not?

You decide. Linux is widely used though a failure on the desktop. Linux is a huge piece of software, which is difficult to learn and maintain. Many distributions are unstable. Right now I'm using ubuntu which is forcing me to choose between having children in the future and resting my laptop on my lap because it goes well over 80 degrees C whenever I play any media or connect to my desktop over vnc. Sometimes I try to play a mp3 and for some reason the os hangs, then dies. If a microkernel like minix will offer me greater stability than this, then I welcome it.

The linux of yore was nothing like the linux of today. Linux has had to evolve to stay relevant. It will have to continue to evolve. So will minix.
Success for linux doesn't mean failure for minix or vice versa.

In the near future, minix will not be directly comparable to linux because linux is just a kernel while minix(3) is a full operating system.

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