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Windows By all early reports, Windows 8 is going to be a good operating system. Microsoft's hegemony may be crumbling in a mobile computing onslaught, but its core empire remains undimmed. However, whereas Windows 7 had three versions, Windows 8 will apparently be ballooning to 9 versions.
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RE: Dun' matter.
by Alfman on Sat 3rd Mar 2012 04:45 UTC in reply to "Dun' matter."
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Thom Holwerda,

Dun' matter!?!? I realize that's partially tongue in check, parents bought a computer with win7 home on it. I discovered that they routinely experienced a major problem - the desktop would lock for the last user using it when going into screen saver/hibernation. Then, when booting it up, other users could not get on. They could not "switch users", nor could they terminate the locked user's session.

So what did they do, you ask? All they could do, which was to hold down the power button for 4 seconds, and restart. I looked at it thinking that couldn't be right, but it turns out to be a common problem with that version. This is a moronic limitation by microsoft, but it just might be infuriating enough to convince users to upgrade. But the bundled version was seriously unfit for purpose.

The thing is, they upgraded from an XP home desktop which suffered no such limitation.

I disabled the screen saver passwords so at the very least they could log out normally without disrupting power.

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