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Windows Wednesday was the big day for Microsoft - the largest overhaul of its operating system since Windows 95 (heck, I'd argue the overhaul is far larger than Windows 95) went into consumer preview. I've been running it on my Asus ZenBook since its release, and in all honesty, it's not as arduous as I expected. I'm not planning on doing a full review, but I do want to mention a number of things - both positive and negative - that stood out to me.
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by MysterMask on Sat 3rd Mar 2012 09:09 UTC
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I guess Redmond is glad that people like you omit to point out that Win8 is another attempt to try the 'one size fits all' strategy that users liked so much that they fled from WinMo like from a dog with fleas. Now Redmond tries the same strategy again but the other way round: from the phone to the desktop.

Windows 7 already ran circles around Mac OS X [..] when it came to responsiveness, but Windows 8 is just insane. Very, very impressive.

Another Holwerdaizism. Simply not true but glad you still stick to be a Microsoft shill.

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