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Mozilla & Gecko clones And even more news from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Mozilla has announced a partnership with Telefonica and Qualcomm, which will bring Mozilla's Boot to Gecko HTML5-based mobile interface to devices later his year. This is a huge boon for the fully open source environment.
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RE[2]: Oh yes,
by zima on Sat 3rd Mar 2012 20:23 UTC in reply to "RE: Oh yes,"
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My primary school got P100 16 MiB Win95, for 96-97 school year (all 5 of them ...for 13-15 person groups; not like it made much difference, because a) the curriculum was a bit silly b) even hardly followed; so those were mostly gaming machines for class ~rascals all very much like religion lessons, when you could just do some homework and such, or - in high school - play cards ;) )

A bit later, thanks to reshuffling in the administration, one more was added: some 386 with 4 MiB (IIRC) and Win 3.1 - considerably less "popular" since, well, it was without any games (perhaps the lack of CD-ROM was stopping those who installed a collection on the other, perhaps they just didn't have any which work on 386 and/or thought to be worth anything)

And so, from the peaceful exploration of Win 3.1 on that 386, I seem to clearly remember a strong impression that its ~desktop felt as snappy, if not more, as P100 Win95 machines (but perhaps the impression on the latter was also impacted by often clogged - since actually used - ball mouses)

Too bad there really wasn't anything to do - no software, no documentation, no guru around, no network (not even between those machines); boring.
Oh well, at least I quickly realized that just deleting shortcuts to games is a show-stopper for ~rascals ;) (not like I was taking advantage or smth, having only C64 at home, I think even broken by then; and those were hypothetically school lessons after all)

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