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OSNews, Generic OSes The just released version 12.02 of the Genode OS Framework takes the first steps to carry out the plan to turn the framework into a general-purpose OS for the daily use by its developers until the end of the year. It features a new ACPI driver, the first bits of a device-driver manager, support for using the fork syscall in GNU programs, and a PDF rendering engine. The most significant point of this release, however, is the way it was conducted. It represents the first version carried out using a completely open development process.
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How about Genode as mobile OS?
by wannabe geek on Sun 4th Mar 2012 21:54 UTC
wannabe geek
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I've been following the news about Genode from the beginning, and it really sounds amazing. Even the earliest demos were. I like the capability-based security model and particularly the emphasis on real-time performance. I think it would be a great OS for mobile phones. IMHO, pretty much every mainstream OS with multi-processing and virtual memory gets it wrong. There are no real-time guarantees. I mean, some do it better than others, but in the end, if there are too many processes, the OS starts to swap like crazy and ALL apps run like molasses. Not to speak of the security aspect, where you have to decide between letting every process do everything they want, or resort to complicated MAC schemes that will cause mysterious errors. Capabilities seem an obviously better approach. I'm eager to see real end-user apps, like web browsers, running as standalone Genode processes. If I understand correctly, the end user experience would be immensely better.

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