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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y On the heels of yesterday's launch of Windows 8's preview, new statistics show that Microsoft's decade-old Windows XP again plummeted in usage share and will be surpassed by Windows 7 in June.
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RE: I wonder ...
by SumGuy on Mon 5th Mar 2012 15:05 UTC in reply to "I wonder ..."
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I've never stopped running win-98 on most of my office PC's as well as my home PC. I upgrade the hardware once in a while but still keel using 98. I'm currently running 98 on a Core2 3.5 ghz pc with 1 gb ram and 1.5 tb SATA hard drive and Nvidia 6200 AGP8x video card (and yes, I have win-98 drivers for all hardware components).

Using the KernelEx API helper allows me to run the latest version of Java JRE, Flash player, Opera browser, etc.

Win-98 is inherently more secure to access the web vs any NT-based OS (always has been - just look at the history of Win-2k and XP back during the years 2001 through 2004 - every worm ever released hit NT hard, but win-98 was immune).

NT-based OS's have far too many vulnerabilities from a web or network pov to be considered secure. Way too many processes running by default, open ports, services, etc. XP has historically been more vulnerable to IE-based heap buffer overflow exploits, worms, etc vs 9x/me.

Go to to see how many security issues any given product has ever had - win-98 beats 2k/XP hands down.

Note that many win-98 systems still in use probably identify themselves as some other OS - because of the use of browser user-agent switcher that prevents websites from throwing up error messages that "your browser or OS is too old" yada yada yada. I install the latest flash player by changing a registry key that makes Flash think I'm running win-2k.

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