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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y On the heels of yesterday's launch of Windows 8's preview, new statistics show that Microsoft's decade-old Windows XP again plummeted in usage share and will be surpassed by Windows 7 in June.
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RE[3]: I wonder ...
by SumGuy on Tue 6th Mar 2012 01:37 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: I wonder ..."
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Regarding win-9x hanging after 49 days:

This was an issue for win-95 and win-98FE (first edition aka standard edition). This kb article gives a fix for win-95/98. Win-98se did not need the fix because it did not have this problem.

Oh - as for the comment about 95 or 98 being "dos based" - that's an urban myth. The 9x/me line were full win32 OS's that put the CPU in protected 32-bit mode (something DOS doesn't do). 9x/me is *launched* or started / booted from DOS, but immediately puts the CPU into protected mode and wipes DOS from memory (or, more specifically, it creates a virtual environment for DOS so it can run as a virtual process that can be used by any legacy software that needs to run 16-bit code).

Win-9x/me itself will use 16-bit DOS functions if called for by any hardware drivers - but this is a "handicap" or deficiency of the driver not the OS. It was anticipated that during the transition from DOS and Win-3.x that Win-9x would have to be compatible with legacy 16-bit software - including drivers. Naturally this situation disappeared in a few years as all code became 32-bit.

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