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Apple "Apple's iOS is starting to get a little long in the tooth. There, I said it. The overall look and feel of the operating system has not changed since its 2007 debut. Sure, Apple has piled in plenty of new features, but the core of the operating system is the same as it was five years ago. It needs a refresh. I'm not saying iOS is ugly or anything, but it's starting to look a little old."
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by roar on Tue 6th Mar 2012 02:02 UTC in reply to "Comment by henderson101"
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How often do I hover over the task bar for the previews, only to find Windows is flipping the apps too in the main desktop (WHY?) and the snap feature is a nice idea, but is really broken. Try snapping a VMWare player window which is correctly sized - Windows resizes it too small. Manually resize? Windows un snaps it. FAIL.

I'm not sure where you're getting at, or what this has to do with mobile OS's, but:
- when you're hovering over the task bar to look at previews, Windows doesn't flip any apps on the desktop. Only if you hover over a specific preview, that window will temporarily bump to the foreground.
- When you snap a window to the side Windows resizes it to 50% - works as expected with VMWare. If you resize a running VM window, VMWare automatically adjusts the other dimension, which causes "unsnapping" of the window. Windows is not to blame here, you can observe the same effect with an unsnapped VMWare window.

Oh on topic: iOS has aged very very badly, especially on the iPad. Compared with webOS or even Windows 8 from what we've seen, it's ugly and unusable as f*ck.

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