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Legal If you run a web site or service that runs afoul of US law, and that site is hosted overseas, then the US legal system doesn't have much recourse, right? Wrong. Because the .com, .net, and .org top level domains are managed by a US company, the government can come to Verisign with a court order and seize your domain, effectively shutting you down. And because of a quirk of internet history that made the US-controlled domains the de-facto standard for web sites, this is a situation that's quite possibly permanent.
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They can't escape due to other US Laws that say that if you break a US law anywhere on this planet, we will come after you and send you to chokey for the rest of your natural.

Ok, I'm going a bit overboard but recent events have made me believe that there is 'No Hiding Place' from the Feds if they are really determined to come after you.

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